Naturally Raised Scottish Highland Cattle

Martson Farm is a small family run operation raising Scottish Highland cattle for beef for over 25 years. They are ideally suited for the wet and cold weather that typically occurs in the pacific northwest.  Originally bred in Scotland in the 6th century, Highland cattle were naturally selected due to their hardiness and ability to eat both grass and scrub brush.  Oregon's climate produces both of these in abundance and the Highland breed flourishes here.  


Our herd grazes on more than 150 acres of grass and brush outside of Molalla, Oregon.  They eat exclusively grass, brush and hay.  We never feed them grain or corn.  Raising and finishing them on grass and hay alone gives our beef exceptional flavor and tenderness.  We never use sub-theraputic antibiotics, hormones or steroids on our animals.  Their ability to handle our climate helps mitigate their need for any additional treatments.  


Our beef can be delivered locally to the Portland metro area or shipped anywhere in the United States.  We use USDA inspected facilities for our cutting and wrapping.  We can deliver either frozen or fresh beef, depending on your needs.  


Explore our site and learn about the many health, taste and evironmental benefits of enjoying locally raised Scottish Highland Beef from the Martson Farm.  

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Martson Farm Highland Cattle