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Nutritional Information

Our grass fed and finished Highland beef takes a full year longer to grow to market weight than typical beef found in a supermarket.  This is due to the fact that we do not finish them on corn or grain and only feed them what they naturally graze upon - grass and brush.  This natural finishing gives Highland beef lower fat, cholesterol and superior flavor.  A recent study by the Scottish Agricultural College found that Highland beef more than 10% less fat per serving than traditional commercial beef.  Highland beef is also significantly lower in cholesterol than turkey, a meat commonly suggested as a beef alternative for recipes.  Pound for pound, Highland beef has more iron and protein than commercial/commodity beef.  All of these benefits are a fantastic reason to add Highland beef to your table or menu.  

Highland vs. Traditional Beef

Highland vs. Other Meats

***Data was compiled from Scottish Agricultural College, Scottish Environmental Studies & McCance & Widdowson at the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food.

Highland Beef Nutritional Benefits

Due to the traditional raising methods of Highland Cattle, this grass fed beef is more nutrient rich and healthier than typical commercial beef and other meats.

Highland Cattle History

Highland cattle are the oldest registered breed in the world. Hailing from the rich heritage of Scotland, their history is steeped in time honored traditions.

How Highland Cattle Are Raised

We raise them as they have been raised over the centuries in Scotland - exclusively on grass, brush, and hay. 

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