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Looking to add something special to your restaurant’s menu or want to carry a naturally raised, grass fed beef?

Sign up to become a wholesale supplier or customer with us and add our naturally raised, grass fed beef to your portfolio.  Wholesale pricing is based on demand and is discounted from our retail prices.  We generally try to schedule in advance for wholesale customers to ensure the orders are met in a timely manner and that animals area available for each order.  Wholesale customers can order their beef in any portion requested from whole animals, primal cuts or specific cuts and grinds for each animal.  Contact us today to see how our Highland beef can expand your offerings. 



We sell whole animals to butchers and distributors.  We can sell either live or whole carcass depending on your needs.  Our animals typically require a longer hanging time due to their lean bodies.  Contact us or sign up to learn more about whole animal pricing of naturally raised, grass fed Scottish Highland Beef.



Interested in more than a few steaks?  We can sell our beef as whole animals or in primal cuts.  Along with an ample supply of hamburger, we also offer summer sausage for charcuterie plates as well as all beef hot dogs made from our hamburger meat.  If you are looking for something seasonal or specific, contact us or sign up today for updates on new items.