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History Of Highland Cattle

Scottish Highland Cattle are the oldest registered breed in the world and we take care to ensure they are raised as traditionally as possible. Our approach starts with the basic idea that to get the most of this breed; to maximize the health benefits and flavor of the meat, one should raise these animals as close to the way they have been raised over the centuries as possible. In other words, these are not black angus cattle with horns and long hair. They are an unique breed with unique needs. So we allow them to be what they are naturally, in elements they enjoy, eating the food they enjoy. 


Highland cattle is the oldest cattle breed in the world, originating from Scotland as far back as the 6th century. The harsh conditions of the rugged, remote Scottish Highlands created a process of natural selection, where only the fittest and most adaptable animals survived to carry on the breed. Scottish Highland cattle were officially introduced to the United States in the late 1890's when cattlemen realized the need for a more hardy animal within their herds.

Modern Characteristics

The breed is characterized by traits of hardiness, self-sufficiency and longevity. Excellent foragers and efficient, they help to improve pastures and clear woodlots. A testament of this ability was in an Oak Savanna Restoration Project in Wisconsin where the cattle and environment thrived. Their moderate frame is ideal for small and large farms alike in various climates and regions of the country. Highland Cattle are found in all fifty states and acclimate well to the environment yet it is best to buy cattle from a climate similar to our farm. The double hair coat is a tremendous asset in adverse weather and is believed to be the reason why they have limited external fat cover. This means less to trim from carcasses and more value retained. The horns not only give them their majestic looks but are helpful with predator control. These cattle have strong maternal instincts and protect their young. 

Highland Beef Nutritional Benefits

Due to the traditional raising methods of Highland Cattle, this grass fed beef is more nutrient rich and healthier than typical commercial beef and other meats.

Highland Cattle History

Highland cattle are the oldest registered breed in the world. Hailing from the rich heritage of Scotland, their history is steeped in time honored traditions.

How Highland Cattle Are Raised

We raise them as they have been raised over the centuries in Scotland - exclusively on grass, brush, and hay. 

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