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I just can't resist telling you our reaction  - Wow! We have been beef eaters our entire life, and I have been a chef on the Maine coast. The quality of the meat we purchased from you is nothing short of amazing  - texture, taste, tenderness. I can cook it on a stovetop, or a grill, and it's wonderful. We have not yet sampled the burger meat, but I am certain we will not be disappointed. I'll put a deposit down for a quarter; we won't be ready for it until this summer, and for all I know, we're on a waiting list. I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing product. My grandfather emigrated from France and made his living as a butcher in Massachusetts. Very early on, he instilled in us an appreciation of quality meat  - it happens throughout the life cycle of the animal, from genes, to feed, location, and butchering. Thank you for introducing us to Scottish Highland Cattle  - wow.

Lisa A. DeBruyckere

I noticed on your web site that your cattle are grass fed and finished.  Thank you.  I'm reading a book entitled "What Your Food Ate" by David R. Montgomery and Anne Bikle.  Chapter 12 "What is in your burger" is all about the difference between grass fed/finished beef and beef fed on TFR and/or grain finished.  There is a big difference in the type of fat, with grass fed being far healthier (more omega 3 fats).  

M.H. - A Repeat Customer

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“The farm is a stunning palette of lush pasture and hillside forest, ideal for naturally raising the oldest breed of cattle. Martson Farm’s …Scottish Highland cattle are only grass fed and finished, and they graze naturally for up to three full years, which is one year longer than traditional breeds of cattle. The beef is lower in fat and cholesterol and it has a rich flavor and succulent texture, making it an exquisite choice for pretty much any recipe.”

“… the visit left me with a deep appreciation and respect for a life committed to raising the best quality food possible for our community.”

Karista Bennett, “The Oregon Farm to Table Cookbook”

Thanks to you and the Martson Farm team for the to-your-freezer delivery of great Scottish Highland beef. We were nearly out and were desperate for a resupply. Much obliged. 

C.S. - A Repeat Customer

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“Thanks again for making such an outstanding product available Rick.  I'm so grateful to know you and your team, the way you take care of your animals, that they eat only grass/forbs and that they're handled respectfully, so that I know my meat has been raised and cared for with utmost attention to ethical care, quality and respect for the animals.”


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