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The People


Sue Martson

Sue Martson is a native Oregonian. She grew up in Hood River and spent much of her youth camping and traveling throughout the state with her family. A graduate of the University of Oregon, Sue pursued a career in advertising - first at an agency, then for over 19 years as Manager of Broadcast Advertising at Meier & Frank. For several years she filmed Meier & Frank tv spots on Martson Farm. 

Now delighted to be a grandmother of Twins (Cate and Grant), she also finds time to help with the daily operation of Martson Farm as well as providing key guidance on marketing. 

When Sue first started coming out to the farm, she wanted to comb the Highland cows’ bangs, but they have horns. However, after spending time getting young heifers prepared to take to the Highland games - she did! 

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Rick Martson

While growing up in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Rick regularly worked on local farms and that of his great aunt and uncle. He spent a year of his undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland where he and his first wife, Debbie, met.


After he graduated from the University of Michigan Law School, they moved to Oregon and bought the Bagby homestead in 1974. No matter how busy his business trial practice was, Rick always found time to work on the farm. Since his retirement from practicing law, Rick has been able to devote considerably more attention to raising  Scottish Highland cattle. 

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Kristen Rasmussen

Born and raised in Michigan, Kristen graduated and played basketball for Michigan State University.  She was drafted into the WNBA and had a 13 year playing career. Upon retiring from professional sports, Kristen coached basketball.  While coaching, an opportunity to work at Nike World Headquarters presented itself.  Kristen accepted and she and her Australian husband, Jamie moved their family (3 kids, 2 dogs and 3 cats) to Oregon.  In addition to Nike, Kristen and her family enjoy being on the farm, caring for the animals and land.  An added bonus the family brings to the farm is that they sing to the animals.

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Alex Martson

Growing up on the homestead, Alex was involved with daily operations from an early age. Instilled with a love of both farming and learning, Alex has continued both into the present.

Alex and his wife Joanna raise two energetic children near the farm. Their children have grown up around the farm and regularly help “drive” tractors and check on the herd.


The Dogs

We have two farm dogs, Abby and Palmer. Our yellow lab dogs help us around the farm but mostly like to play with each other and swim in any body of water they can find. If you visit us on the farm, get ready for a lot of love from Abby and Palmer.

“From Trial Lawyer to Farmer” – Rick Martson, Farmer / Getting Work To Work: The Series


Rick Martson is a full-time Scottish Highland Cattle farmer and meat seller in Molalla, Oregon. “Your livelihood, your income, depends on you being able to get the most out of your soil, out of your land, and your animals. When they thrive, your business is going to thrive.”

Highland Beef Nutritional Benefits

Due to the traditional raising methods of Highland Cattle, this grass fed beef is more nutrient rich and healthier than typical commercial beef and other meats.

Highland Cattle History

Highland cattle are the oldest registered breed in the world. Hailing from the rich heritage of Scotland, their history is steeped in time honored traditions.

How Highland Cattle Are Raised

We raise them as they have been raised over the centuries in Scotland - exclusively on grass, brush, and hay. 

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