Quarter, Half & Full Animal

A good-sized Highland animal will weigh 800 to 950 lbs (Live Weight) which produces between 400 to 525 lbs. Hanging Weight.
Martson Farm charges $5.00/lb Hanging Weight
You also pay   A. Your % (1/4, 1/2 or all) of the $110 Slaughter Fee
                        B. Cutting & Wrapping your order at $1.05/lb Hanging Weight

500 lb Example​

That works out to approximately $8.21/lb. for each pound of the end product.

From Short Ribs to Tenderloin Steaks.


*MARTSON FARM deposit on Quarter, Halves or Whole animals

1/4 Animal $125

1/2 Animal $250

Whole Animal $500


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Email martsonfarm@gmail.com

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