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Quarter, Half & Whole Animal Deposit

Quarter, Half & Whole Animal Deposit


A good-sized Highland animal weighs 800 to 950 lbs (Live Weight) and produces between 400 and 525 lbs. Hanging Weight.


Martson Farm charges $6.50/lb Hanging Weight


You also pay  

A. Your % (1/4, 1/2 or all) of the $140 Slaughter Fee

B. Cutting & Wrapping your order at $1.30/lb Hanging Weight


Please see our Quarter, Half & Whole animal page for more information about the breakdown of animal pricing. 


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***Please see important notes about the price and shipping below.

  • Pricing

    How we sell quarter, halves and whole animals changed as a result of the pandemic. Food insecurity put tremendous pressure on processing plants - including the ones we use. Our plant told us that in order to operate at maximum efficiency they no longer would accept custom cutting instructions for animals processed after a certain date. Instead, all of our animals would have to be cut in accord with what would become “standard” cutting instructions which the plant and we would agree upon. In response, we immediately met with the plant’s owners and agreed on “standard” cutting instructions. We then studied 17 animals that we had processed using those instructions before they applied to every animal we took in. We logged in every piece of product each animal produced and calculated the percentage of that animal's hanging weight each cut  (e.g. top sirloin steak) represented. Then we took the arithmetic average of those percentages for each cut. We then calculated what hanging weight would produce 100 lbs of product for a quarter. The answer was 525 lbs - which is the hanging weight we now use for purposes of calculating how many pounds of each cut go into a quarter, half or whole purchase. 


  • Shipping

    You are welcome to come to the farm and pick up your order. While there we’ll happily show you the operation. Please arrange your visit in advance. We also will deliver any order with a value greater than $150 if you live within 50 miles of the farm. For all other deliveries, we try to bunch them together and will let you know when and where you can pick up your order. Typically within 2 weeks, unless arranged otherwise. 


    We have shipped via FedEx and UPS in the past. We are working with both companies to come up with a better system for shipping frozen product. If you buy 200 lbs or more, we can arrange for delivery via a refrigerated truck at $.90/lb.

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