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Prime Rib

Prime Rib


The Prime Rib Cut of Beef is a succulent and flavorful cut, perfect for a special occasion or a weekend dinner. This cut is taken from the rib section of the cow and is well-marbled, making it juicy and tender. It is known for its rich beefy taste and is best when slow roasted to perfection, bringing out its natural flavors. Serve this delicious cut with a red wine sauce or with classic sides like roasted potatoes and carrots for a truly unforgettable dining experience. Whether you are entertaining guests or treating yourself, the Prime Rib Cut of Beef is an excellent choice for a savory and satisfying meal.


***Prices are per pound, please see important notes about price and shipping below.

  • Pricing

    Scottish Highland cattle, raised in the traditional way, as we do, vary in weight when it comes time for market. That means the steaks, roasts, and other products, also are not uniform in packaged weight. Although we aim for 1 pound of hamburger in each package, that too can vary slightly because we use a small, hand crafted meat processor operation which is inspected by USDA. Whether you order from us on-line, via email or over the phone, the actual weight of the meat you buy may vary slightly from your order. So the amount due upon delivery may also vary from your prepayment. If it is more than 10% of your prepayment, we will collect the additional amount at the time of delivery. 

  • Shipping

    Due to Covid-19, we have seen numerous delays in shipping. Should you be ordering outside of the state of Oregon, please contact us before you place your order to confirm we’re able to make the delivery. We ship via UPS & FedEx.


    You are welcome to come to the farm and pick up your order. While there we’ll happily show you the operation. Please arrange your visit in advance.


    We also will deliver any order with a value greater than $150 if you live within 50 miles of the farm. For all other deliveries, we try to bunch them together and will let you know when and where you can pick up your order. Typically within 2 weeks, unless arranged otherwise. 

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