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healthier, more flavorful beef
family farm raised, grass fed cows
***Prices are per pound, unless noted otherwise***

Welcome to the home of Martson Farm Highland Cattle. We raise our herd of Scottish Highland Cattle naturally - just as they would be in the Highlands of Scotland. This allows them to develop the lean, naturally tender and flavorful meat the breed is famous for. We never use sub therapeutic antibiotics or hormones on our herd. If you are looking for a wholesome, delicious alternative to commodity beef sold in grocery stores, we offer out grass fed/grass finished meat in a variety of ways. And we deliver for free within 50 miles of the farm. 

Highland Beef Nutritional Benefits

Due to the traditional raising methods of Highland Cattle, this grass fed beef is more nutrient rich and healthier than typical commercial beef and other meats.

Highland Cattle History

Highland cattle are the oldest registered breed in the world. Hailing from the rich heritage of Scotland, their history is steeped in time honored traditions.

How Highland Cattle Are Raised

We raise them as they have been raised over the centuries in Scotland - exclusively on grass, brush, and hay.