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healthier, more flavorful beef


Welcome to the home of Martson Farm Highland Cattle.  We naturally raise our traditional Highland cattle on over 100 acres of pasture and forest.  Our herd is cared for by our team on the homestead and we carefully manage them to provide a very lean and flavorful beef to all of our customers.  We never use sub therapeutic antibiotics or hormones with our herd.  If you are looking for a great alternative to grocery store beef, we offer a great variety of cuts to help fill your table with naturally raised local beef.  Click around our site, check out our social media and contact us with any questions.  Cheers, The Martson Farm Team.   Learn more



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To say the truth, when fattened on these rich old pastures there is no beef equal to them in fineness either of grain or flavour.
— Thomas Hurtley

Nutritional Benefits

Did you know that grass fed beef from Scottish Highland cattle is more nutritionally beneficial then other types of beef and even chicken? 


Highland Cattle

Naturally raised, grass fed beef make for happy cows and more flavorful beef.  We take pride in how we raise our cattle.