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CSA Premium

CSA Premium


We have created a CSA which will allow you to buy our grass-fed and grass-finished Scottish Highland beef in a way that will allow for significant flexibility and the most variety.


Here is how it works.


A full share is 15 lbs of beef a month delivered every 2 weeks in 7.5 lb boxes. There are two (2) levels: Economy and Premium. You may also buy a half share of each, meaning one two week period at Economy and the other two week period at the Premium level. Or you can buy a half share (7.5 lbs)– either Premium or Economy – each month. All you need do is select and pay for which option you want one month in advance. Below are the prices and compositions of the different shares.



         Full Monthly share of 15 lbs                $180

         Half share of 7.5 lbs                               $90



  • Ground Beef
  • Choice Roasts
    • Sirloin Tip
    • Pot Roast
    • Tri-Tip
  • Premium steaks
    • T-Bone
    • Bone-In Rib
    • Skirt
    • Flank


You choose what full or half share you want and we fill the box.

  • Delivery

    As we get our CSA up and running we offer three ways to pick up your share:

    • At the Montavilla Farmers Market on Sundays
    • At the Oregon City Farmers Market on Saturdays
    • At our farm – 14388 S Bagby Rd, Molalla, OR.

    Once enough people sign up we will also offer home delivery within 50 miles of our farm.

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