short story: pasture living, grass fed, happy cows

Ideal Climate

Scottish Highland Cattle are ideally suited for life in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.  With mild, wet winters followed by comfortable summers, pastures and forests can sustain these varied grazers throughout the year on a natural diet.  Our farm features both open grassland areas as well as wooded, hilly terrain for the herd to wander through.  Through rain, sleet and snow, our herd has quietly grown from one Highland cow over two decades ago to nearly one hundred animals.

Grass Fed

Our cattle are raised exclusively on grass and grass hay for their lifetime.  Grazing on these natural, grass diets without the supplement of grain gives our Scottish Highland beef a flavor profile and richness that is often touted among the most desired cuts of beef in the world.  Their two layers of hair help them stay warm in the winter months, meaning that they do not need to develop an extra layer of fat to fend off the cold winter weather.  We allow our naturally grazing herd an extra year of growth to reach market weights and we never finish them on anything except grass and grass hay.  

Naturally Raised

Their resistance to most common ailments of cattle in the northwest also means that we don't utilize sub-therapeutic antibiotics to maintain their health. Nor do we use hormones or steroids on our herd.  We are committed to naturally raising our cows and cattle and allowing them to grow at a natural rate, with plenty of room to roam.  



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