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Martson Farm History

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History Of The Farm

The Martson farm was originally settled in Oregon's Willamette Valley around the 1850s by the Bagby family.  The Bagby clan came across the Oregon trail looking for fertile land and opportunity.  Over the generations, the Bagbys raised dozens of children in the small home located 5 miles south of Molalla, Oregon. 

The Farm Today

When, in the 1970s, the last of the Bagby clan moved away from the homestead, Rick and Debbie Martson found it and turned it into their family’s new home.  Originally raising sheep and some chickens, the farm was a small operation just large enough to feed their family and a few friends.  During a trip to Scotland to commemorate their anniversary of meeting during college, Rick and Debbie saw the ancient breed of Scottish Highland Cattle roaming the hills throughout Scotland.  Knowing that Oregon and Scotland have similar climates and terrain, they began researching local herds of Highland Cattle in the Northwest.  Starting with one cow and calf in 1992, the herd has since grown to near 100 cows and cattle freely grazing the homestead.  Rick and Debbie’s eldest son, Alex, has since helped the farm to grow into a business supplying local area restaurants, CSAs and private buyers with the flavorful, low fat beef which the breed has been known for worldwide.  Now, with help from grandchildren, children and friends, the farm has grown to nearly 100 acres of lush pasture and forest ideal for naturally raising Scottish Highland Cattle in the traditional way.



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